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Voice Kiosk is a brand-new iPad & iPhone, mobile app-based Ordering Kiosk powered by Square with the world’s first cellular-based Backup POS (as an added bonus) - so you never have to worry about not being able to take orders from Customers in-store if your network or Square’s should ever go down. Just $9.99/mo (no contract). Want your own white-label Kiosk? Get in touch at 312-857-3511 or contact@getpreorder.com Download the Live Demo App from the App Store! Download

03/26/2021- Not sure if you noticed, but today Square went down for a lot of businesses - and on a Friday. We happen to be an official Square Partner, who many execs over there have referred to as their most advanced technology partner in fact. We've been working on a super cool Backup POS to help our own Clients out, as well as other Square businesses. We were about to release this next week, but decided to go ahead and push it out today in light of recent events.

Add your email to the list below and we'll send out a sign up link Monday - it'll take ya just 1 minute to connect your existing Square Account and about 2 more minutes to set up both Voice Kiosk and our new Backup POS (which is built right in). Check out the live demo in the App Store - link below or search Voice Kiosk. You'll be able to try it free and if you like it, there will be a simple subscribe link that'll help us keep Voice Kiosk + Backup POS up to date (and always loaded with new features), to help all the awesome businesses that use Square.

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