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- Voice Kiosk connects to your existing Square Account in about 30 seconds and pulls your entire Menu, pricing, etc.

- You can install Voice Kiosk as a simple App Store App on unlimited devices - from iPads to iPhones

- Customers can pay in-kiosk or from their mobile phone (by scanning a QR Code at the end of an order)

- Customers can use their voice (or touch) to make an order & navigate through the Checkout process

- Payment Options: Credit Card, Pay on Pickup (ie. Cash option) and Pay from Phone (see Hands-free Payment Option below)

- We don't charge any other hidden fees on top of it, like no additional transaction fees or anything. 

- We can also give anyone their own branded Kiosk too very easily since we have all the tech made.

Hands-Free Payment Option

There are a bunch of ways to pay, but we also made a totally hands-free way to pay, which presents a QR Code on the final payment screen, then the Customer scans that with the Camera of any phone and it'll pull up the VoiceKiosk Payment page (which knows to securely process the payment via your Square Account.

And if you get a branded version, then the payment page that pops up on the Customer's phone (when they scan the Pay Now QR Code can be a url that you control).

Voice Kiosk for Square - Home Screen Voice Kiosk for Square - Products


- We've built in a first of its kind Backup POS option - right into Voice Kiosk to help businesses have a fail-safe, fallback if and when Square ever goes down.

- Check out the live demo in the App Store and test it out for yourself. We'll be aggressively improving this feature as well.

- Works off cellular, so even if Square goes down, you'll still be able to process payments (because their API is usually not down when their network goes down)

- Stripe can be used as a totally separate backup processor.

- Any processor can be added as a backup for a small customization fee - eventually we'll have all the major processors integrated.